Closure EP Micah Emrich



Words and Music by Micah Emrich


Her friends are distant,

Shes baby sitting,

Cause family is all shes ever known,

In Her parents shelter,

They thought they it,

Helped her,

But its hurting her the more that she grows,

Never talked back,

Never partied,

But she thinks about it shes alone,

In her dreams she turns into a monster,

Looking for a good time and she dont want to go home.

She chose the unpopular opinion,

Like shes got nothing to lose

Good girl, but shes sick of always listening,

Every time you tell her what to do

She loves the unpopular opinion,

And shes got way too much to lose

Her dad never did too much listenin,

Now he doesnt have a clue

You thought she was a good girl

Social prison,

Parents permission,

Is your only real chance to get parole.

So you make up some fiction,

Of course they wouldnt listen,

Instead they tell you hand over your phone.

When theyre in the shower,

You open up a browser,

You tell your friends to keep it on the low.

Tonights youre turning to the monster,

Looking for a good time

And you ain’t going home

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