Closure EP Micah Emrich



Words and Music by Micah Emrich


Its been a few days since I last saw you so

I throw on my jacket, tie up my shoes and

Its only three miles, so what could I lose?

She told me Dont go out of your way.”

But Im already outside, aint turning around soon

I throw pebbles at the window right outside of your room then

All I heard was silence…  Thats when I knew

Thats when she opened up the windowpane

She said, Oh my God, you came all this way.”

Then forced a smile, but she wouldnt say all those words she spoke the other day.

She said, Im sorry, this is a mistake.”

Maybe you should go home, its getting late.”

She said, Im tired.” But I looked in her eyes, they told me what she couldnt say.

A couple weeks pass by, but Im in the same shoes

I keep hearing through the grapevine that shes swimming in a new life.

Through whispers, I hear sirens.

And I start to I lose myself and look the other way.

Now every time a phone rings, I hope that its you.

I get excited when you call me, asking, Can we meet at noon?”

I was one street down from broken, no avenue…  oh, oh, oh

She looked into my eyes and grabbed my hands

She said, I hope that you can understand.”

Maybe we could be better off as friends.”

Just so you dont go drifting away.”

She said, I wish that this was a mistake.”

I cant keep going, I dont feel the same.”

And I hide my face so she wont look in my eyes, they tell her what I couldnt say.

Separated. Separated. Separated.

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