Micah Emrich

  Micah Emrich, independent and emerging artist, is based out of Milwaukee, WI. As a versatile singer-songwriter and musician, his skills enthusiastically embrace Pop, R&B, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop and EDM. Motivated by personal experiences and candid thoughts, he crafts rich melodies with catchy hooks, leaving lasting impressions.


  Micah Emrich’s debut EP Closure is an indie, alternative/pop/rock anthem of creativity and style. Showcasing Micah’s versatility, ambition and passion as an artist, this latest offering is sure to leave a lasting impression. 


  “This project was about being true to myself and finding my musical style and that translates when you listen to the EP. I tried a lot of new things and varying styles like one song is an acoustic/pop vibe, but then I end with a pop/rock anthem.” — Micah. 


Latest - New EP!

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